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99.7% of all companies in Japan are small and medium sized companies (SMEs).
And these companies desire excellent talent more than ever in order for their own growth and for the Japanese economy to keep growing strong. I have heard so many CEOs of such companies say they are struggling to acquire good talent.

We have been successful in introducing women managers, directors and role-model leaders to more than 300 companies in various industries since 2007. And we have seen so many talented women who gave up working in large listed Japanese companies because of the male-dominated culture and the limited chance for those women to succeed in that Japanese corporate culture.

There are thousands of such untapped high-potential women candidates, among both Japanese and non-Japanese women, who are eager to make a contribution to smaller-sized companies. While top-tier talented men will never leave their safe, cozy big companies, top-tier talented women are getting fed up with these big companies and looking for a better chance. The possibility of success in headhunting is higher by far for such women compared to men.
There are not many matching opportunities for such talented women and SMEs (both Japanese and non-Japanese companies) in Japan. In addition, you won’t find those top talented women through a regular recruitment companies because these women don’t show up in regular recruitment companies, which are also overwhelmingly male-oriented. We are a pioneer in specializing in searching for women leaders and we would like to introduce to enthusiastic CEOs our special methods for finding those talented women.

Our strategy is
1) We focus only on talented women who are eager to work in and make a contribution to SMEs.
2) We work together with CEOs directly and mitigate HR involvement.
3) We source candidates by headhunting active women leaders.
If the CEO is truly enthusiastic about utilizing this untapped talent pool for their growth, industry and size of the company will not matter.
You will surly find the right talent for your company through us.

Whether you are in manufacturing, finance, consumer goods, advertising, marketing, business consulting, healthcare, food and beverage, import and export industry, we cover all of these industries. We search top-tier female talent in fields of marketing, human resources, finance, law, sales, public relations, IR, general affairs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, outside board directors and CEOs. We are happy to be of service to you and confident we can produce results.

Makiko Tachimori
President, Harmony Jinzai Inc.


Bio Makiko Tachimori

Makiko Tachimori

◆BIO Makiko Tachimori PDF◆

President of Harmony Jinzai, Inc.
Vice Chair of the Women in Business Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

Ms.Tachimori grew up in Tokyo and New York and also lived in Australia and France. Following her graduation from Yokohama National University in Economics and New York University in Paralegal Studies, she worked at law firms in Tokyo and New York. In 2007 she founded Harmony Residence Inc., a recruiting firm specializing in introducing highly skilled bilingual women managers and role-model women. The firm has succeeded in introducing women to more than 300 companies and awarded several government prizes.
In 2018, the firm changed its name to Harmony Jinzai and focuses on Executive Search specialized in bilingual women executives in Japan. She contributed to publishing the ACCJ White Paper “Untapped Potentials” and gives lectures to various organizations on strategies to increase women leaders in Japan.

2013 Diversity Supportive Corporation, The Diversity Management Selection 100
by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2014 Women’s Challenge Grand Prize by the Cabinet Office.
2014 Gambaru SME 300 Prize by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

International conferences:
WAW Tokyo Women’s Summit in 2014 and 2015.
W 20 in Turkey in 2015, the first International Women Conference for G20 countries.

Media coverage, NHK, Nikkei, Asahi, Fuji-Sankei, President,The Wall Street Journal, The Japan Times, USA Today, BBC and many other significant media.


Company Info

Office Harmony Jinzai, Inc.
Bizmarks 2F, 1-3-6, Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan
Establishment Nov, 6, 2007
Capital Fund 10,000,000 yen
CEO and President Makiko Tachimori (Fukui)
Services ■ Executive Search specialized in women executives.
■ Introduction of Outside Board Directors
Japanese and non-Japanese women

Manufacturing, Finance, Consumer Goods, Advertising, Marketing, Business Consulting, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Import and Export industry, etc.

Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Law, Sales, Public Relations, IR, , General Affairs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, Outside Board Directors and CEOs.

License Number: 13-ユー303252

Awards 2013 Diversity Supportive Corporation, The Diversity Management Selection 100 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2014 Women’s Challenge Grand Prize by the Cabinet Office.
2014 Gambaru SME 300 Prize by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
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