Our Headhunting Service
To acquire chief “right-hand woman” talent for CEOs

Service Flow

Service Flow

  1. Telephone Conference
    Please kindly fill out and return the below “Inquiry Form for Clients”. We will get back to you to set a date and time for an initial telephone conference.
    Please note that this initial telephone conference is scheduled between the CEO of the client and president of Harmony Jinzai, Inc. (approx. 30 minutes, free of charge)

  3. In person/company visit Conference discussing of target (2, 3 hours, free of charge)
    We will discuss your expectations for the target, background of hiring, challenges you faced in previous hiring methods, your expectations for women leaders, your company vision, short and long-term goals, strengths and weaknesses of your services/products, strengths and weaknesses of your organizational structure and details of employment contract, all based on our unique Target Profile Hearing Sheet. After completion of the conference and our mutual agreement on the target profile, we will send you the written Target Profile Sheet. After you confirm the Target Profile Sheet, both client and our firm will sign the Retainer Agreement. We ask our client to make the initial payment within 5days after signing the Retainer Agreement. (The initial payment is 5% of the target’s annual income) ※This may vary depending on the difficulty of the Project.

  5. Commencement of Search
    We will start creating a list of potential candidates based on our mutually-agreed Target Profile Sheet. The client and our firm will continuously exchange this sheet and revise the profile whenever both agree it is needed in order to get closer to the targeted profile. We will give clients advice on recommended salary range, skill ranges, recent market trends of candidates to make sure client has a clear picture in selecting the appropriate target.

  7. Our firm commences interviewing potential candidates.
    We will start interviewing potential candidates on our own timing via emails, telephone and in-person. When we meet with a highly potential candidate, it usually takes us more than 3 direct meetings to confirm that the candidate has a strong mind to apply for the position. Once this is cleared and confirmed with the candidate, we will send the client a written resume, CV and any necessary documents requested by the client.

  9. CEO interviews the candidates
    After reviewing potential candidate resumes, Client CEO will choose which they would like to meet in person. The CEO may meet as many candidates as they wish and they can meet each candidate as many times as they like. For the initial and final interviews with the candidate, our firm will sit in with the CEO, unless the client does not wish it.

  11. Preparation of the Offer Letter
    When the client decides the candidate is fit to be the target, the client and our firm will work together to create the Offer Letter. Among the items to be discussed are the timing to leave the current job and the starting date, specific job description, and annual salary. If there is specific preparation the target needs to undertake before the starting date, we will continue to consult both the target and the client so that the target person can smoothly shift into the new company.

  13. Day of commencement
    If there is some time lag between the Offer Letter and the starting date, we will periodically keep in touch with the target and notify the client of any changes in the target’s situation. If there is specific training necessary for the target to attend, we will keep in touch with the target to make sure she is well prepared. Client will make payment to our firm for the contingency commission at the end of commencement month. The contingency commission is 35% of the annual income, not including the initial payment.

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Women Outside Director, Non-Japanese Women Outside Director Introduction Service

Without having Diversified Board Members and Outside Board Members in their structure, companies can’t compete effectively in the globalized economy of the 21st century. We receive many inquiries from companies looking for competent women outside directors and non-Japanese women outside directors. We have been a pioneer for introducing women managers and leaders throughout a wide range of industries, both Japanese and non-Japanese companies, both large and SMEs. In addition to our regular headhunting service, we also introduce candidates who will contribute as outside directors.

We have our exclusive special networks where we can reach out to these Japanese and non-Japanese women potential candidates who would otherwise be hard to reach via regular recruiting agencies.


[Our Strengths]
1. Our special network of bilingual women, non-Japanese women for outside director candidates
2. We will approach currently active candidates by our headhunting techniques.
3. We cover all industries and all backgrounds.

Please contact us by filling out the below form
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