2 Awards Will Teach You How to Make Your Farm Global

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New 100 best Diversity Management Companies (新・ダイバーシティ経営企業100選)

If you are working in Japan, you may have heard or known, “New 100 Best Diversity Management Companies”.
But at first, let’s review what it is for those who don’t know.

“New 100 Best Diversity Management Companies” (100 DNC) is a commendation by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry in Japan. It’s started in 2012 to award the farms who successfully connected the diversity to their management outcome.

In addition, since April in 2017, as the guideline of diversity 2.0 was made in March 2017, the companies where farms’ value are continuously generated for a long-term has been chosen as “Best 100 Prime (100選プライム)”.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry defines the diversity management as
“the management which creates innovation and values by offering opportunities for diversified human resources to perform at their best”.
It also says the diversity 2.0 is “management efforts lasting for long-term by promoting the diversified individuals’ best performance and aiming to be the firm where added value continues to be created.”

Who Won? And What Makes it Win?

One of the firms awarded in 2017 was Issei Iguchi com.
This company started as one in the manufacturing industry at first but it didn’t work well.
Because China has developed rapidly and built cheaper manufacture brand, the manager, Issei Iguchi noticed that Japanese manufacturing cannot compete with the Chinese one.
Moreover, it has cost a lot to make and carefully keep the molts.

So the manager thought of a brand new business model, “manufacturing without molts,” which does not need analog molts but innovative machine connected to computers.

In the manufacturing industry so far, males who have enough experience of studying science or physics stuff and working are only needed. However, this new idea does not necessarily need this kind of conventional human resource.

In order to create a brand-new culture, various people are indispensable, regardless of gender, major, working experience, the manager considered.
Furthermore, in the firm’s various employment methods, working system to develop self-independence, training abroad, etc. are also the change which supported the diversity in the firm.

Your Firm Will Be The Next

This year’s selection will be coming soon.
Both “New 100 best Diversity Management Companies” and “Best 100 Prime” is recruiting the new best 100 farms. The application will be accepted until this September 12th.
If interested, please take a look at it from the link below.


These awards are not only the standards of diversity management but also can be a motivation to promote it and improve your firm.


インターン 谷山美里

インターン 谷山美里


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