The Diversity Prevents the Unconscious Bias

インターン 谷山美里

Unconscious bias keep remaining at workplaces.

Recently, the equity at workplaces have been claimed to be important.
However, even under this time, unconscious bias still have been remaining there.
Why does it happen?
Because there are still recognitions of “majority” and “minority” among employees.

However, the unconscious bias can be solved by the diversityness at the workstation. If there is enough diversity environment, every employees could concentrate on their jobs and perform well.

Diverse environment makes your firm more profitable.

McKinsey’s Delivering Through Diversity report revealed, “Gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity, particularly within executive teams, continue to be correlated to financial performance across multiple countries worldwide.” The report also showed companies with the most ethnically diverse executive teams are 33% more profitable.

Moreover, Study of 353 Fortune 500 Companies Connects Corporate Performance and Gender Diversity discovered that “companies with more women in executive positions have a 34% higher return to shareholders than those that do not. What’s more, companies with the most women directors have a 26% higher return on invested capital than those with the least.”

Employers benefit from changing the workplace environment

The diversity at the workplace will give the firm two important presents. Comfortable environment for employees and profits for employers. It’s very beneficial but takes time a lot to move on. This might be a reason why so many firms do not still introduce or move forward to this solution.

However, I believe each firm need to step forward little by little to improve the current situation where unconscious bias are triggered and detected everywhere.


インターン 谷山美里

インターン 谷山美里


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