Business Strategy position opening in a global medical company.

An opening position for a deputy manager at Director Strategy Office(Business Innovation) in a global medical company.

This is an established global company which is based in the U.S. There is a variety of opportunities for this firm since they are very eager to hire top talented Japanese bilingual women leaders. Since this is the position in which the leader integrates and synthesizes insights and information from across the organization to develop innovative solutions that impact the business, there is a huge chance for woman leaders to play an active role.

This position requires,

  • Ideally, internally and externally recognized innovation leader
  • Champions a culture of innovation that rewards curiosity, appropriate risk-taking, experimentation and innovation
  • Practices inspirational leadership combined with strategic direction, good business judgment, strong influence, and leverages best practices in innovation
  • Strong analytical skills – both quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Advance understanding and application of project management methodologies
  • Experienced strategic people management and coaching teams
  • Innovative, passionate, extroverted, big and new thinking, creative, hands-on, ambitious, self-sufficient and tenacious
  • Able to deal with and manage ambiguity
  • Fluent in English and Japanese

If you feel you are an business strategy innovator who can inspire your team and boost up the organization, please contact us for this great opportunity.



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