Harvard Kennedy School Japan Trek 2018, panelist for the Japanese Women Leadership Session.

代表 日月真紀子

Our president Makiko Tachimori was invited as a panelist to the “Japanese Women in Leadership Session Plan” of the Harvard Kennedy School Trek, 2018 on March 12th. The HKS Japan Trek brings current HKS students from all over the world to various parts of Japan and provides an opportunity for them to learn about and exposed to Japan – Japanese politics, economy, history, culture and so on. The purpose of the HKS Japan Trek is to foster and increase leaders in favor of Japan among governments and international organizations as well as private sectors where these HKS students will be active in. The Japanese Women in Leadership Session Panel objective is to present the situations in Japan (issues, challenges, achievements, future) to the HKS (Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government) students and cultivate their understanding about gender issues in Japan and to obtain and discuss feed backs, thoughts, and constructive ideas.

代表 日月真紀子

代表 日月真紀子

ハーモニー人財の代表のたちもり(日月)真紀子です。女性管理職専門の人材紹介業を開始して早やくも11年目になります。日本の女性活躍推進状況は、世代も変化するにつれて少しずつ改善していることを嬉しく思います。ただ、Gender Equality指数では日本は世界で114位。日本の女性管理職が30%になるまで、まだまだすることが沢山あります。経営者の意識が変われば組織は変わります。経営者にお役に立つ女性管理職情報を今後も発信し続けます。

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